Top 5 Best Travel Jobs In The World

It may be everybody’s dream to travel around the world but few have the money to afford such dream during their lifetime. There is another way besides saving up enough money to travel; that way is getting paid to travel! For those lucky enough to land a job that requires copious amount of traveling will get a chance to see the world on someone else’s dollar.

Here on the top five best travel jobs in the world that will not only let you see the world but will also pay you to travel the world as well.

#1: Yacht Crew

If you have ever had previous experience with any type of work then becoming a yacht crew member is the easiest job to apply to out of all of the world traveling jobs. For every experience on a yacht, there’s a crew member behind it. Depending on the yacht company, there will be seasonal positions where you switch from one yacht to another to save on crew member expenses. Just make sure you do not get seasick easily!


#2: Roadie

Not the most high paying job but road crew members get to travel with stars, managing equipment needed for shows. If you have qualifications of being anything that deals with fixing technology used for entertainment, this will be an easy job to acquire. Besides being able to travel for work, other perks include accessing VIP only locations that fans would kill for! And of course, it doesn’t help to befriend celebrities and higher position staff.


#3: Civil Servant

If you have a college degree, there’s a civil servant position for you. These civil servants can travel anywhere in the world so long as there’s an embassy located there. The job does require two to four months’ worth of processing but it is also a high paying job that will cater to most of all of your needs. Given that you will be traveling to US Embassies around the world, this job is for those who are more adventurous and don’t mind some hostile environment.


#4: Travel Nurse

The medical industry has an extreme shortage of qualified nurses, as the position requires a constant academic advancement. However, these nurses get to travel around the United States to heal various treatments in different hospitals, often staying in that area for weeks at a time. This job requires long, odd hours and working with those in need of medical help, but the offset is if you have time off, you can see the location of visit.


#5: Athletic Scout

Traveling to every city, every state, and every school are athletic scouts looking for the next talented sports player for their team. The job simply requires you to know everything about that sport and you need to have a good eye for potential talent. When it comes to lucky, Athletic Scouts seem to have it all. Getting paid to travel all over the United States to watch sport games they already enjoy watching is a dream!



These fantastic jobs will let you see the world without having to spend any money on air travel. Most of them do not even require a special degree but do require you to have prior experience in working with something familiar about the service. So go out and see the world without spending a dime.

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